”Ask The CxO” Challenge – Leadership in Times of Crisis.


AscendisAsia is launching the ‘Ask the CxO’ Challenge, a free initiative to bring the business community together. The objective is to share best practices and continued learning by connecting non-competing industries in a series of conversations.

How It Works


The Benefits

What challenges are you currently facing? How are you overcoming that? How have you changed your practices in light of these challenges? What works? What doesn’t? 

We’ve all asked these questions numerous times in our individual management meetings and brainstorming sessions. This is an opportunity to view the same challenges through the lens of a different perspective and spark new ideas.

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold around the globe, businesses are grappling with the pressure to regroup, reform, restructure, and stay relevant to their customers, local communities, and most of all, their employees.

AscendisAsia believes that, like all other communities, now is the time for the business community to come together and help each other through the challenges. It’s time to break out of our respective industry silos and initiate cross-industry connections and conversations aimed at learning from each other.

This initiative is open to the management teams from any industry or corporation. 

3 Things You Need To Know

1. The ‘Ask the CxO’ Challenge is not a show! This will be a closed and confidential session between representatives of two companies, with a trained AscendisAsia facilitator acting as the host. The end objective to help the business community find new solutions by talking to other leaders who may be going through the same problems.

2. Free to participate. 

3. One condition. We ask that you #payitforward.

To be a part of the AscendsAsia’s ‘Ask the CxO’ initiative, or for more information, contact us at office@ascendisasia.com

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